ACTIVATE- a corporate wellness program


ACTIVATE is a cutting-edge corporate wellness program developed by Activate Your Talent that integrates leadership development and physical fitness. AYT believes the foundation of an integrated wellness initiative is a combination of learning about and leveraging professionals’ natural tendencies, talents, and strengths AND improving their overall physical fitness. Our multifaceted, interactive approach stimulates workplace learning and increases wellness in three-tiered approach:

Activate Your Talent Three-Tiered Approach to a Corporate Wellness Program


Activate Your Talent’s highly interactive style will help infuse energy into your team. Our leadership development sessions are fast-paced and center around small-group discussions that allow participants to gain deep understanding of the topics discussed. We base our corporate wellness curriculum around the assumption that individual strengths offer the greatest room for personal and professional growth.


Activate Your Talent uses StrengthsFinder to help individuals understand and develop their unique talents to become more effective. Individuals become objective self-evaluators and learn to focus their energy on exponentially growing their strengths instead of marginally improving their weaknesses.


Activate Your Talent equips participants with specific tools and processes to turn the momentum created through self-awareness into action. Individuals learn how to more effectively solve problems, set goals, and create actionable plans.


Activate Your Talent incorporates reflective journaling into the Actualization phase in order to help participants crystallize their points of view and sustain improved performance. Reflective journaling leverages the theory that the more we make sense of the experience (process it, reflect on it, connect it to theory, etc.), the more we will learn from and get out of the experience. Additionally, participants will be given tips and best practices for embedding changed behaviors into enduring transformation.

Activate Your Talent StrengthsFinder Leadership Development Session for a Corporate Wellness Program

Research shows that people who focus on their strengths are three times as likely to report having an excellent quality of life, are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs, have 7.8% greater productivity, and have 8.9% greater profitability.



Activate Your Talent’s style of fitness we practice is High Intensity Interval Training, with a focus on Functional Fitness. In this corporate wellness program, we seek to expose participants to new equipment and many different styles of workouts. We designed the program (signature workouts with different exercises and a few “mystery challenges” to infuse some adventure and teamwork) to create both variety and the ability to benchmark performance.
All workouts can be scaled or modified to meet the relative fitness levels, special considerations, and abilities of individuals. The small group atmosphere creates a super supportive environment in which growth is encouraged and celebrated.
We’ve found the program to be an excellent introduction to fitness for some as well as an amazing supplement for athletes already training for running events and triathlons.


Activate Your Talent begins the wellness program with an opening assessment, which allows participants to understand where they are at on the wellness spectrum. Information on nutrition and programming is introduced and participants receive instruction on proper technique instruction during this phase. Additionally, the group workouts and the benchmarking (tracking our scores on the signature workouts) increase awareness by creating a social incentive that causes us to push ourselves beyond what we would do on our own.


Activate Your Talent provides actionable steps for individuals to improve their wellness through the implementation of a physical fitness and nutritional regiment. In each workout, we push participants to their relative threshold (the edge of their personal capability), in order to maximize performance and results.


Activate Your Talent ensures that the positive changes in overall wellness are enduring through repetition of workouts. Throughout the program, participants become more comfortable with the exercises, which allows them to ramp up the intensity and results. Before each workout, we post the scores from the previous attempts and reflect on any lessons learned. After each workout, we ask participants to think about what the best part of the workout was and what they will do better next time- this iterative process is crucial to creating enduring change.

Activate Your Talent Group Physical Fitness Session for a Corporate Wellness Program

Research shows a high correlation between being physically active and increased productivity. After introducing exercise, there is a measurable increase in work performance, problem solving, time management skills, mental sharpness, stamina, and energy. In fact, a University of Georgia study found that 75% of executives believe good physical fitness is critical for career success at the executive level. Additionally, workers who engage in moderate exercise have less stress, less conflict with coworkers, and save companies an average of $2,000 on health care costs annually. By providing employees with an opportunity to engage in small group physical fitness, companies can maximize their workforce investment by creating a fit workforce, tightly bonded through shared physical challenges.


Our Fitness and Wellness Professionals work closely with organizations to develop a program that is customized to meet your specific needs, location, time commitments, and investment requirements. Programs can vary in length from half-day programs to 12-week programs. From our experience, we know participants will find the program to be life changing.

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This program has propelled my fitness to the next level and is achieving extraordinary results. Starting the day learning powerful leadership principles has given me newfound inspiration.
The fitness aspect has been incredible- people have been asking me what I am doing! But the surprise to me was how impactful the leadership aspect of the program was. I was so impressed that I brought the StrengthsFinder program into both my business and the non-profit I’m involved in to help others work more effectively together.