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Executive Coaching

Activate Your Talent’s Executive Coaching team has the expertise and passion to help you harness your unique power and leverage it to help achieve your goals. Katie Christy (Founder, Activate Your Talent) is Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Accredited Financial Counselor and CrossFit Level One Certified Trainer who brings years of experience to your unique situation. Clients describe her passion and enthusiasm as contagious! Katie’s tenacity and detail-oriented mind combine to create a powerful goal setting and action planning approach.

Areas of Excellence

  • Employment Procurement

  • Personal Development

  • Physical Fitness

  • Financial Fitness

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Katie’s enthusiasm is contagious. I was expecting a boring conversation, but what I got was an engaging discussion about setting  goals and a roadmap to achieve them. The lessons learned today were 100% applicable and I’m thankful for the information.

Katie is an amazing coach! She recognizes that we are all unique individuals and customizes her preparation, discussion, and homework. Katie sincerely enjoys working with diverse groups of companies and individuals, and her passion shows in everything she does.
Dan K., StrengthsFinder Coaching Client