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Activate Your Talent believes that everyone is on a unique journey and seeks to move clients to higher levels of overall wellness. AYT helps you understand your current level of wellness, identify successful strategies for improving physical fitness and nutrition, and stay help you stay disciplined to achieve goals. Our dynamic physical fitness and wellness programs create both variety and the ability to benchmark performance and can be scaled or modified to meet the relative fitness levels, special considerations, and abilities of individuals. AYT creates a challenging, yet supportive, environment in which growth is encouraged and celebrated. Our fitness and wellness programs are an excellent introduction to fitness for some as well as an amazing supplement for athletes already training for running events and triathlons. AYT offers both private coaching group sessions.

Activate Your Talent Fitness and Wellness Programs

Areas of Excellence:

Motivate individuals by setting goals, providing feedback and holding them accountable. Strengths and opportunities will be measured through various assessments and tracked on a consistent basis to gauge improvements and make customized adjustments where needed. Individuals will also be educated on all aspects of wellness, including fitness as well as general health and nutrition guidelines.
Increase your comfort zone and familiarity with anything that you might encounter in life and thus expanding your world to encompass more of the ‘real world’. Practice and train those movements that are not only natural, but necessary in life. We fail at the margins of our own excellence in terms of duration, load, and type of movement- Functional Fitness aims to expand those margins to have true General Physical Preparedness.
PiYo™ is a unique class designed to build strength & gain flexibility. The moves fit perfectly together to form a class filled with choreography that’s fun, challenging and will make you sweat. It’s about energy, power, and rhythm. Think sculpted abdominals, increased overall core strength, and greater stability.
High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) Fit is designed to build cardiovascular& muscular fitness through a variety of group based interval workouts. This training is perfect for athletes of all levels (we are all athletes). Every workout is tailored to challenge each individual, regardless of skill level. Everyone wins when working in a in an encouraging and fun environment. Our goal is to build a stronger and healthier community where we celebrate personal and team victories, strive toward personal health and achieve fitness milestones.
This session improves flexibility and mobility through lengthening and releasing sore muscles. This approach combines dynamic stretching, increasing range of motion and blood and oxygen flow, with static stretching, a series of static poses that target the deeper tissues that lay beneath the muscle.
These programs provide individuals interested in training for running events with time/distance schedules and nutritional tips. Our goal is to provide a supportive, yet challenging environment that celebrates accomplishments while stressing accountability and discipline.
Triathlons can be intimidating, so this program helps individuals prepare for race day with transition area strategy, training schedules, and nutritional tips. Technique will be refined and maximized for each event (running, cycling, and swimming).
Want to get in an awesome workout with your friends but don’t want to leave your little one? Workout Buddies is the group fitness class for you! This program tones your body by incorporating elements of Functional Fitness, HIT Fit, and PiYo™ into a workout centered around your “buddy” in a stroller.
This session provides a thorough understanding of the balance between nutrition and fitness with overall (and on-going) wellness. There will be discussion of the strategies for improving overall health, the life-long benefits, and the potential hazards associated with no action.

Katie Christy (Founder, Activate Your Talent) seriously enjoys finding and conquering physical and mental challenges. A functional fitness aficionado and an avid triathlete/ultra-marathoner, Katie found her love for wellness after her first son was born. Her unyielding work ethic and positive attitude will help you reach your wellness goals.

Lara Chase (Director of Health and Wellness, Activate Your Talent) is a seasoned coach and athlete who brings tenacity and passion to everything she does. Her dedication inspires others achieve similar results.

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We work closely with individuals and organizations to develop a fitness and wellness program that is customized to meet your specific needs, goals, location, time commitments, and investment requirements.

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Activate Your Talent begins the wellness program with an opening assessment, which allows participants to understand where they are at on the wellness spectrum. Information and technique instruction is provided during this phase. Additionally, the benchmarking (tracking our scores on the signature workouts) increase awareness by creating a social incentive that causes us to push ourselves beyond what we would do on our own.


In the Activation phase, AYT provides actionable steps for individuals to improve their wellness through the implementation of a physical fitness and nutritional regiment. In each workout, we push participants to their relative threshold (the edge of their personal capability), in order to maximize performance and results.


Activate Your Talent ensures that the positive changes in overall wellness are actualized through repetition of workouts. Throughout the program, participants become more comfortable with the exercises, which allows them to ramp up the intensity and results. Before each workout, we post the scores from the previous attempts and reflect on any lessons learned. After each workout, we ask participants to think about what the best part of the workout was and what they will do better next time- this iterative process is crucial to creating enduring change.

Activate Your Talent Three-Tiered Approach to Fitness and Wellness Programs

I am blown away by the results. It’s incredible! It’s making me re-look my whole approach to fitness. What you had us doing was working like crazy and I didn’t even realize it at the time.