Activate Your Talent Importance of Fitness

Activate Your Fitness

Physical fitness is often referred to as a talent. Increased activity and clean eating matter. It is our desire to use lessons learned through our personal journeys to help others improve their position on the fitness/wellness spectrum.

Activate Your Talent believes in the power of physical fitness. Physically fit individuals possess the stamina and endurance necessary to keep up with the frenetic pace the world demands. As a result, they are more successful personally and professionally. AYT offers fitness and wellness education and training by certified, caring professionals. Our approach is customized to each client’s unique location on the fitness spectrum and our mission is to help increase overall wellness.

During the Awareness phase, Activate Your Talent begins the wellness program with an opening assessment, which allows participants to understand where they are at on the wellness spectrum. Information and technique instruction is provided during this phase. Additionally, the benchmarking (tracking our scores on the signature workouts) increase awareness by creating a social incentive that causes us to push ourselves beyond what we would do on our own. In the Activation phase, AYT provides actionable steps for individuals to improve their wellness through the implementation of a physical fitness and nutritional regiment. In each workout, we push participants to their relative threshold (the edge of their personal capability), in order to maximize performance and results. Finally, during the Awareness phase, Activate Your Talent ensures that the positive changes in overall wellness are internalized through repetition of workouts. Throughout the program, participants become more comfortable with the exercises, which allows them to ramp up the intensity and results. Before each workout, we post the scores from the previous attempts and reflect on any lessons learned. After each workout, we ask participants to think about what the best part of the workout was and what they will do better next time- this iterative process is crucial to creating enduring change.

80% of Americans do not get a sufficient amount of exercise and 69% are classified as overweight. - Center for Disease Control