Activate Your Talent Importance of Future (training and development)

Activate Your Future

Activate Your Talent’s dynamic corporate training and development and executive coaching program relies heavily upon the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment. StrengthsFinder helps people find their talents and develop them into strengths. We all have things that we are naturally good at and enjoy doing; it is our passion to work with others to leverage their talents in order to become more effective in their daily lives.

Activate Your Talent believes that individual strengths offer the greatest room for personal and professional growth. Our passionate, certified professionals work to clearly identify clients’ talents and provide ideas and strategies to convert them into strengths- both at work and at home. As a result, clients are more engaged and effective in their jobs and report having a higher quality of life.

During the Awareness phase, Activate Your Talent helps individuals understand and develop their unique talents to become more effective. Individuals become objective self-evaluators and learn to focus their energy on exponentially growing their strengths instead of marginally improving their weaknesses. Next, during the Actualization phase, Activate Your Talent equips participants with specific tools and processes to turn the momentum created through self-awareness into action. Individuals learn how to more effectively solve problems, set goals, and create actionable plans. Finally, Activate Your Talent incorporates reflective journaling into the Actualization phase in order to help participants crystallize their points of view and sustain improved performance. Reflective journaling leverages the theory that the more we make sense of the experience (process it, reflect on it, connect it to theory, etc.), the more we will learn from and get out of the experience. Additionally, participants will be given tips and best practices for embedding changed behaviors into enduring transformation.

70% of Americans are not engaged at work and 58% plan to change jobs in the upcoming year. - Gallup