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Group Leadership Experiences

Activate Your Talent is uniquely equipped to provide your team with an amazing team building and leader development program. Group Leadership Experiences (GLE) are super-engaging experiential learning events coupled with important leadership conversations. The concept leverages the insight that learning begins on the edge of uncomfortable- teams get out of the office and into a different environment that is fun, engaging, and sometimes difficult, which creates amazing opportunities to build camaraderie and leadership traits. We like to conclude the GLE with a meal and vibrant conversation about leadership—drawing direct connections to the day’s experience.

Activate Your Talent Group Leadership Experiences

Possible events and corresponding character traits:

  • A Day at the Shooting Range

    • Discipline

    • Focus

  • Rowing

    • Team Work

    • Consistency

    • Communication

  • High-Ropes Challenge Course

    • Leading under pressure

    • Adaptive problem solving

    • Team Cohesion

  • Paint Night at a local pub

    • Creativity

    • Innovation

We work with you to create a customized curriculum in terms of the key topics and learning outcome goals, yet the experience won’t feel anything like a classroom. From there, we take care of all of the logistics so all your team needs to do is show up!

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GLE’s are absolute game changers for a company looking to develop their high potential talent. We know from experience that this kind of innovative leader development program will foster a fun, innovative, and adventurous organizational culture.


Activate Your Talent helps individuals become objective self-evaluators by testing their skills/abilities in challenging situations. Participants receive expert training and have time to practice the newly learned skill.


Activate Your Talent allows individuals to practice skills and improve team cohesion in some sort of friendly competition. Through experiential learning, individuals learn how to more effectively solve problems, set goals, and create actionable plans.


Activate Your Talent incorporates After Actions Reviews (AAR) in order to help participants crystallize their points of view and sustain improved performance. Teams engage in a dialogue about what went well, what could have gone better, and what action team members will take to be more effective going forward. The AAR is a part of an iterative process in which members of the organization plan, execute, and review—with a goal of continuously becoming more effective. Additionally, participants will be given tips and best practices for embedding changed behaviors into enduring transformation.

Activate Your Talent Three-Tiered Approach to Group Leadership Experiences

The preparation for our shooting GLE was great. I liked the connection from the physical training and how it relates to real life scenarios. I felt we learned useful skills, re-enforced decision-making and discipline, achieved team building, and had fun doing it.
Bruce, GLE organizer and participant