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Leadership Development & Training

Activate Your Talent offers a wide array of Leadership Development and Training solutions that are customized to meet your specific needs. We work to increase an organization’s long-term relevance and performance through planned, systematic learning & development strategies. AYT partners with clients to identify problems and create solutions to meet prime objectives and accomplish goals.

Areas of Excellence:

Equip leaders with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to become more effective at problem solving and making solid, strategic decisions through seeking out why problems exist, defining true problems & customizing solutions for those problems.
Provide resources for determining meeting purpose, building an action agenda, focusing on key initiatives, preparation tactics, executing efficient virtual meetings, and making value decisions.
Increasing self-awareness and leadership effectiveness through exploring the priorities that drive you and your unique behavioral tendencies in order to realize your impact within your environment and the best techniques to situationally flex your style.
Equip leaders w/the ability to sense and use emotions to more effectively manage themselves and influence positive outcomes in their relationships with others.
Hands-on workshop walking professionals through the process of defining key responsibilities and commitments, setting productivity goals, prioritizing key items, and developing plans for execution excellence.
Preparing facilitators to teach adult learners through accommodating learning styles, understanding instructional design, engage participants in learning process, and leading group discussions & activities.


Tara Kinney (Director of Training & Development, Activate Your Talent) brings 12 years of HR Management, Training & Development, Curriculum Design, Employee Relations, Compensation & Benefits Administration, Staffing, Recruiting, and Talent Management experience in various industries. She takes a systematic and holistic approach to maximizing human performance in order to drive results and will work closely with your organization to develop solutions that are customized to meet specific needs in order to improve individual, team and organizational performance.

Activate Your Talent Leadership Development and Training ASTD Award Winner

We work closely with individuals and organizations to create a customized program that addresses key issues and helps achieve desired outcome goals.

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Activate Your Talent helps individuals understand their unique behavior tendencies and develop strategies to flex their style to become more effective. Individuals become objective self-evaluators through assessing their personal style and learning to leverage and adapt their tendencies to effectively engage no matter the situation or individuals involved.


Activate Your Talent equips participants with specific tools and processes to turn the momentum created through self-awareness into action. Individuals learn how to more effectively create actionable plans with defined behaviors that can be measured and repeated.


Activate Your Talent incorporates after action reviews and sustainability planning into the Actualization phase in order to help participants continuously refine actions taken and maintain improved performance. Its intent is to allow participants to quickly and consistently learn the most from their experiences through identifying what happened, why it happened and ways to improve. Purposefully learning from each experience enables participants to embed changed behavior into enduring transformation.

Activate Your Talent Three-Tiered Approach to Leadership Development and Training

Working with Tara has challenged me in new and exciting ways which has motivated me to sharpen my tools and excel at my job.
Carrie White, Client Account Manager at Interactive Intelligence
Tara’s drive for results is amazing and once she knows and understands the target there is no doubt she will hit it every time and on time.
Christopher Simpson, HR Director - East at Smile Brands Inc.