Activate Your Talent Fitness and Wellness Professionals

Our Fitness and Wellness Professionals are life-long learners who love expanding their knowledge base!

Activate Your Talent Fitness and Wellness Professionals Certifications

Katie Christy, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach- Raleigh, NC

Katie Christy

Born and raised in Northeast Wyoming’s coal country, I grew up with a pioneering spirit and a fondness for wide-open spaces. While most 8-year-old girls were playing dress up, I was busy creating cash flow spreadsheets and projecting budget requirements for future wardrobe purchases. Yes, I’ve always loved numbers, organizing, and planning—and I graduated from Grove City College in three years with highest honors in Finance. After college, I gained five years of small business experience helping Timeless Frames (a picture frame manufacturing company located in Watertown, NY) grow from 65 employees in one location to over 225 employees in three locations. I also served as the Office Administrator of the Center for the Advancement of Leader Development and Organizational Learning at West Point (the Military Academy) for four years. In that role, my hands were in everything from logistics and finances to helping plan and resource leadership development seminars and physical fitness events for cadets and Army officers. My organizational and customer service skills were further honed in my next role was Director of Business Development with Lone Star Peak Performance, a full service ranch in Texas Hill Country that focused on provided phenomenal team building and experiential learning opportunities to groups and organizations.

I co-founded Task Force 144, an organization dedicated to develop exceptional leaders and great teams. Through TF 144, I brought two main passions to bear: physical fitness and helping people become more effective in life. The experience of starting a company from scratch was invaluable and I enjoyed every minute of the entrepreneurial journey- legal formation, web design, marketing, social media campaigns, curriculum development, trademarking, and accounting were just a few of the skills I gained/refined along the way. One highlight of my time with Task Force 144 was presenting a workshop “Great Teams: What They Are and How to Transform Yours” at SXSW Interactive 2015.

I seriously enjoy finding and conquering physical and mental challenges- I am a functional fitness aficionado and an avid triathlete/ultra-marathoner. My status as a CrossFit Level One Certified Trainer and TRX Level Two Trainer allows me to share my passion and knowledge of physical fitness and wellness with others.

I absolutely love helping people understand their natural talents and how to leverage that knowledge to be more effective. As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach I get serious energy from helping people and organizations discover and utilize their Strengths!

I am also an Accredited Financial Counselor and have the pleasure of working with clients on all ends of the spectrum, from service members and their families looking for financial education, to couples taking control of their financial futures through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, to those needing to turn their financial lives around on the edge of bankruptcy.

I am extremely excited about Activate Your Talent because I know the impact that it will have on those who are ready to move to the next level of effectiveness.

Tara Kinney- Director of Training and Development

Tara Kinney

I am an Organization Development professional who takes a systematic and holistic approach to maximizing human performance in order to drive results. I take this same integrated approach in my own life; building upon my key drivers of Family, Professional Development, and Fitness.

I am a proud military wife and the mom of our two amazing girls. The transitional lifestyle isn’t new to me. With my mother as the Deputy Superintendent for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, I lived in every corner of the state and was uprooted on an almost annual basis. This taught me at an early age the art of being adaptable and agile and how to quickly bond with a wide variety of people and draw out the best in that unique person. This lifestyle also installed in me a love for observing the unique qualities of people from all walks of life and a drive to understand how their style, motivation, and thought process impacts how they engage with their environments.

Even with a chaotic upbringing, I worked hard in school and received a Board of Governors Scholarship as a Psychology major at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. Upon graduating Magna Cum Laude, I rounded out my education with a Masters of Organization Development at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. I bring 12 years of HR Management, Training & Development, Curriculum Design, Employee Relations, Compensation & Benefits Administration, Staffing, Recruiting, and Talent Management experience in various industries (Retail/Manufacturing/Insurance/Health & Fitness). Previous Leadership Curriculum Design and Delivery clients have seen a 42% increase in demonstrated Leadership Competency behavior, a 36% improvement in high potential retention, and an 86% graduate placement from the ASTD award-winning internal Leadership Development program (FLIGHT) that I established.

My fitness journey speaks to my work ethic and passion; over the course of 6 years I lost over 100 pounds. The process fired me up and instilled in me the desire to help others achieve similar results. My certifications include: CF Level 1 Trainer, AFFA Group Fitness Certification, PIYO Certification, FiTOUR Indoor Cycling and Advanced Nutrition Certification. I’ve been impacting people’s lives by coaching Bootcamp, Crossfit, Indoor Cycling, Pilates, and Athletic Mobility for the past four years. I absolutely love having the opportunity to support and advance the health & fitness goals of others!

I will work closely with you and your organization to develop solutions that are customized to meet your specific needs in order to improve individual and organizational performance. I look forward to the opportunity to improve your fiscal, business, and personal wellness