Find Your Business Strengths and Use Them to the Max Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, it is important to know your strengths and how to use them.

Top 10 Pre-Hire Personality and Behavioral Assessments– Today, we’re offering a list of ten of our favorite personality and behavioral assessments to help you find the right one(s) for your hiring efforts.

33 Ways to Define Leadership- So how do you define leadership? Business News Daily asked business owners, managers and experts to explain what leadership means to them. Here are 33 different ways to define leadership.

“So, Tell Me About Yourself”– How can you use Strengths to effectively respond to this common interview prompt.

Male and Female Leadership: Embracing Diversity– Our thoughts on finding the sweet spot in your unique leadership style.

56 Secrets Life Coaches Won’t Tell You for Free– There is no one secret to life but there sure are a bunch of smaller secrets that can help you have better relationships, be a better worker, and reach your life goals.

How to Survive Working from Home: Advice From Other Entrepreneurs– There are many other obstacles to working from home, so I’ve reached out to other small business owners and entrepreneurs asking them to share theirs, as well as to tell us how they’re overcoming them. Here’s what they had to say


How to Build Your Personal Leadership Philosophy- In this special, four-part mini-series of Drop and Give Me 20, Lindsey Germono focuses on closing out 2016 with a bang! Join the discussion as Lindsey invites experts to share actionable tips to help you prepare for a successful 2017. Today, Lindsey speaks with Katie Christy, Founder and CEO of Activate Your Talent and Empower Military Spouses, two companies helping individuals and businesses leverage their natural talents to improve effectiveness. In this fast-paced episode you will learn not only how to build your Personal Leadership Philosophy, but how a PLP will benefit your business!

How to Improve Your Sales Team’s Performance Through the StrengthsFinder Assessment– For our “sales and marketing segment” this week, Katie Christy joins me on the show to discuss the topic of improving sales performance using the StrengthsFinder Assessment. Katie has a background in manufacturing, and is the founder of Activate Your Talent, a training company that uses a three-tiered approach to increase individual and team effectiveness through experiential learning and positive psychology. On this episode, Katie and I will be discussing how company sales managers can use the StrengthsFinder results to improve sales productivity and profitability.

Three Easy Skills Every Start-up Business Owner Must Acquire– In this episode of Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast, finance expert, Katie Christy shares important points of her journey as an entrepreneur, particularly how she got started after having to basically put her dreams on the back burner for a couple of years in order to support her husband who is serving in the military. Katie helps businesses, organizations and individuals to make the most out of their natural talents, to make sure that they are activating, finding those talents and leveraging them in a more meaningful way.


MilSpo Monday Feature– A featured interview with MilSpo Entrepreneur Katie Christy.

My Why– Featured in AFCPE’s #mywhy series explaining how being an Accredited Financial Counselor is truly an intersection of passion and talent. 

Meet Katie Christy: A Military Spouse with MadSkills- “All of us, no matter where we are at in our journey, need to work to refine and mature our talents into useable strengths. It is then and only then, that we will have a clear vision of our unique passion and purpose.”

EMPOWERED WOMEN EMPOWER: KATIE CHRISTY, ACTIVATE YOUR TALENT– We are so honored to be included in the #EmpoweredWomenEmpower series by R. Riveter!

Twelve Minute Convos w/ Katie Christy- Featured interview on a wide variety of subjects, both personal and professional.