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Activate Your Talent uses StrengthsFinder, the Gallup Organization’s online tool that helps individuals and teams to understand their unique talents and how to be more effective working together. The tool is grounded in decades of solid research based on two fundamental assumptions:

  1. Each person’s talents are enduring and unique.

  2. Each person’s greatest room for growth is in the areas of his or her greatest strength.

Instead of pouring time and energy into marginally improving weaknesses, we can clearly identify our talents and be intentional about bringing those talents to bear. As a result, we are more engaged in our work, and others view us as more competent and effective. And when a team begins to operate this way, the whole becomes much larger than the sum of its parts. Gallup research provides quantitative support to what we are seeing:

  • People who focus on their Strengths are three times as likely to report having an excellent quality of life.

  • People who focus on using their Strengths are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs.

  • People who use their strengths everyday have 7.8% greater productivity.

  • Teams who receive strengths feedback have 8.9% greater profitability.

Katie Christy (Founder, Activate Your Talent) is a certified Gallup Strengths Coach and will work with managers and their employees to get the most out of the tool. She has written several blog posts regarding her personal Strengths journey and the importance of using Strengths in the workplace.

Katie works with individuals to help cultivate their unique strengths to increase overall effectiveness, and she brings extensive knowledge to groups in a highly interactive format. Having a common language to discuss and appreciate each team member’s unique contribution is a powerful tool to equip an organization with.

Activate Your Talent Gallup Certified Strengths Coach StrengthsFinder

Areas of Excellence:

  • Executive Coaching

    • Receive an in-depth look at your unique Top Five Signature Themes report to learn how to be more effective in your personal and professional life. Work to develop and achieve specific goals.

  • Team Building

    • Understand where your team’s Top Five Signature Themes lie on a Team Strengths Grid and then use that knowledge to mitigate any gaps and leverage areas of excellence. Help retain your high potential talent by investing in their development.

  • Employment Procurement

    • Learn how to apply your Top Five Signature Themes in the employment procurement process by being able to clearly communicate the unique value you bring to an organization, both on a resume and in an interview.

  • Powerful Partnerships

    • Learn about the value of forming and maintaining a Powerful Partnership that allows you to become more effective by pairing with someone that has complimentary Strengths.

We work closely with organizations to develop solutions that are customized to their specific needs, time commitments, and investment requirements. Sessions vary in length from half-day programs to four-day retreats.

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Activate Your Talent helps individuals understand and develop their unique talents to become more effective. Individuals become objective self-evaluators and learn to focus their energy on exponentially growing their strengths instead of marginally improving their weaknesses.


Activate Your Talent equips participants with specific tools and processes to turn the momentum created through self-awareness into action. Individuals learn how to more effectively solve problems, set goals, and create actionable plans.


Activate Your Talent incorporates reflective journaling into the Actualization phase in order to help participants crystallize their points of view and sustain improved performance. Reflective journaling leverages the theory that the more we make sense of the experience (process it, reflect on it, connect it to theory, etc.), the more we will learn from and get out of the experience. Additionally, participants will be given tips and best practices for embedding changed behaviors into enduring transformation.

Activate Your Talent Three-Tiered Approach StrengthsFinder


The response we’ve received from our StrengthsFinder work with leaders has been extremely positive. People enjoy learning about themselves and the people they work with, and they get even more excited when they see how their new knowledge will translate into concrete steps to help achieve their personal and organizational objectives.

Katie is an amazing coach! She recognizes that we are all unique individuals and customizes her preparation, discussion, and homework. Katie sincerely enjoys working with diverse groups of companies and individuals, and her passion shows in everything she does.
Dan K., StrengthsFinder Coaching Client


What a wonderful opportunity to take part in the Strength Finders Seminar. The discussion was eye opening and mind-boggling. We already have plans to include people in new areas due to recognizing their strengths; this is going to make us stronger and more cohesive as a team. I will not only use what I learned at work but in my daily life as well!
Nancy K., StrengthsFinder Session Participant